“Innovation happens in the gaps.”

It’s not sexy to innovate in the gaps.

“Who should be on our innovation team?”

Where to Start

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We are natural problem-solvers.

  • Hungry? We wail and cry
  • Confused at school? We raise our hands.
  • Computer not working properly? We unplug it and plug it back in.
  • Boss doesn’t want to hear problems? …

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  • Creativity AND Analysis
  • Imagination AND Practicality
  • Envisioned Future AND Lived Reality
  • Mom AND Dad
  • Nursery School Teacher AND Computer Engineer
  • Finger paint AND Calculus

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A few weeks ago, I had one that did both.

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Robyn Bolton

Founder & Chief Navigator at MileZero, Growth & Innovation Expert, People & Business Builder, Complexity Buster

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